ICHABOD Circle T Graffiti Handstyle Tag with Railroad Track Theme on Rail


Tags are the signature of the graffiti artist, and this one is from ICHABOD, arguably the best known freight graffiti artist in North America.

This piece has a rarely used version of his tag complete with the railroad track theme underneath his handstyle name with the Circle T crew callout.

ICH found us and took an interest in our unique efforts preserving rail history.

Possessing a deep love for the railroad and a long, yet controversial relationship with the railroading community, he is a modern day icon and legend in his own time.

With a highly legible style and over 4,000 railcars bearing his mark, his influence is immense. 

As a member of YME and Circle T crews out, he's established himself and the crews he writes with as some of the best in the game.

During our brief encounter, ICHABOD put his handstyle to a few piece of scrap rail for us to make available to railfans and other folks who love the art of graffiti.

These are authentic and rare pieces from #ichabodtherailgod himself.

This piece is on the bottom of a section of 70# rail with the punch holes in it. You will receive the exact piece shown in the photograph.

Pricing on this piece includes US Mail Priority shipping to destinations in the USA.

Size: 9" x 4.5" x 4.5" (LxWxD)

Media: Paint marker on steel.

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