Rail Yard Studios | Maker Monday | Salemtown Board Company

Brothers, Will Anderson and Schuyler Anderson, are the craftsmen behind Salemtown Board Company, the Nashville-based maker of hand-crafted cruisers, shortboards and longboards. But they don't just shape boards, they shape lives.

Skateboards conjure images of forgotten kids in hoodies prowling through decaying urban areas and abandoned industrial sites, grinding on metal railings and circling the remains of drained concrete swimming pools. 

Within that Hollywood dramatization, the brothers know those kids exist and the challenges they have to overcome in life, so they hire them. Through Salemtown, they provide direction to young kids facing the prospect of a difficult future and mentor them on life skills that they so desperately need in order to pull themselves up in society.

Will and Skylar may be building their dream company shaping boards. But they're also creating a bigger family through the work that they do.

As they say, "Buy a board. Change a life."