Rail Yard Studios | Maker Monday | Otis James

Step into Otis James' establishment and his attention to detail and dedication to quality are immediately evident in the garments he creates.

Otis James is the consummate maker.

Calling his an establishment is the only way to describe his place of business. A glass pane door and a viewing window separate the shop from the area where Otis plies his trade, and he moves fluidly between the two worlds.

A room filled with a careful selection of gentlemanly accessories harkens back to an earlier time when craftsman and client enjoyed a personal relationship. People who connect with the maker movement crave an association in a flat and cold digital age. They seek a connection that, like the cloth Otis uses, has texture and warmth.

His passion for what he does provides that connection.

By his own admission, Otis spends a significant amount of his time sourcing and selecting materials for the goods his clients will purchase from him. He revels in identifying the perfect elements to bring his vision for a particular style to life.

He has to. Details matter. Quality is paramount.

His name goes on every piece.