It’s 1932, and this nail has just been pounded into a crosstie. Ultimately it would be dug back out of the tracks and make its way to Rail Yard Studios where we used it to individually number one of our hand-crafted bike racks.

What was the world like in 1932 when that tie was manufactured and this sliver of steel started on its journey?

One of the great bards of the railroad, Johnny Cash “The Man in Black” is born on February 26 of that year.

In baseball, it was another year for the boys from NYC as NY Yankees (4-0) defeated the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

In college football, Michigan (8-0) did not play in a bowl game but still got the nod as the national champion despite USC (10-0) winning the Rose bowl over Pittsburg. All of that even though Colgate (9-0) claimed its place in history as the last team in history to go unscored on with an average winning score of 29-0.

And since it’s a bike rack, we should note that André Leducq prevailed in the Tour de France.