It’s 1937 and things are starting to get squirrely in the world just like the curled ends of this No. 3 date nail. With steel not yet in high demand, the U.S. watches nervously at the growing hostilities in Europe and Asia. The future is uncertain but life goes on.  The Streamliner engine designs, from which the Streamliner Bench takes its name, are enjoying the dawn of their prominence.

The World Series posts its fifth of subway series, this time with the NY Yankees (4-1) yet again topping the defeat NY Giants.

In a somewhat controversial second year of AP voting for college national champion, the Pittsburg Panthers (9-0-1) became “the mythical champion” over the California Bears (10-0-1).

And freshly relocated from Boston, the Washington Redskins take the National League Football Championship by defeating the Chicago Bears.