It’s 1939 and "conference table diplomacy" is nearing an end in Europe as this date nail is hammered into a crosstie. In the coming years, the size and frequency of date nails will decrease as metals are shifted to wartime efforts. 

This 1939 will make its way to us and be used to individually number and catalog the Timbertop Conference Table.

Continuing to build on their long line of championships, the NY Yankees (4-0) defeat Cincinnati Reds in the World Series.

In college football, Texas A&M (11-0) getsthe  vote over Cornell (8-0) and USC (8-0-2)

Adding to their long string of victories, the Green Bay Packers defeat NY Giants for the National League Championship.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt frequently returned to New York City during his presidency and stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria. In an effort to obscure the severity of his physical condition due to polio, he had a secret train platform beneath Grand Central Station that allowed his armor-plated and bullet-proof glass limo to be rolled off of the train, onto a specially-constructed elevator and arrive in the ballroom.