This piece is finished with a ’47 date nail designating the year of manufacture of a crosstie. It has since been scavenged from the railbed and reused to individually number and catalog one of our pieces from Rail Yard Studios.

Since 1947, some things have changed, others remain the same. 

The Yankees are still a perennial championship team and in 1947, they managed a World Series Championship in seven games.

No stranger to controversy in the season rankings even in 1947, the college football season ends with three teams posting perfect unbeaten and untied records. Ultimately Notre Dame got the votes to claim the national championship over Michigan and Penn State. 

And, the 1947 “Chicago” Cardinals won the NFL championship.

The ’47 date nail that graces this piece looks much the same as it did the day it was made, but the tie it had marked is long since decayed and gone.