It’s 1942 and the U.S. has reached the crossroads and is fully committed to World War II. Resources are being diverted to war, but not all resources went to the military.

Some people and some materials remain on home soil. People who kept the war effort alive at home and materials to keep production up including the steel that went into this date nail. It ultimately survived the war to arrive at Rail Yard Studios where it graces this Crossing Coffee Table.

In a rare World Series appearance resulting in a loss, the New York Yankees fall to the St. Louis Cardinals (4-1).

Georgia (11-1) won the Rose Bowl making them the concensus national champion for the year, yet the AP saw fit to award the #1 spot to Ohio State (9-1) despite not making a bowl appearance. At the time, the AP did not put out a post-bowl ranking possibly explaining the snub of the Bulldogs.

Adding to their previous championships, the Washington Redskins defeated the Chicago Bears to take the National League Football Championship.