Rail Yard Studios | Rack 'em Up

Genuine railroader putting in time between jobs at Rail Yard Studios

Racking up some of the ties for a bunch of new projects.

Got the crew for a few days. Taking advantage of their availability to stock up some freshly sanded materials for several projects that kicked off the start of 2015.

It's been a good start to the year so far, and I have been less than diligent about keeping up with the blog because of it.

Freshly sanded raw crossties at Rail Yard Studios

The crew has been a big help with everything from finishing out some builds, to shipping and then starting another production run all over again from the start where we select the ties and get them sanded up for use.

Glad to have them. Soon they will be back out on the rails again, and it will be time for us to get down to making the most of their efforts to get us ready to run.