rail yard studios | proof of age required

Well-worn steel rail from Rail Yard Studios

There's no bouncer at the door to the studio, but we do require proof of age - for our rail that is. 

The battle scars of a century's worth of hard labor are usually a dead giveaway like the deep creases of lines on a well-aged face. 

CARNEGIE railroad steel with 1896 brand from Rail Yard Studios

Some places looks suffice as proof. But not in a restaurant when you order up a couple of fingers of your favorite Jack Daniel's (our favorite is Honey Jack, or maybe the Sinatra Black. Then again the Rye is sweet sipping...now where was I, oh yeah).

Pitted and worn steel is a sure sign of age, or just living poorly when it comes to rail.

But when it looks of age to qualify to be a Rail Yard Studios piece of steel, we still have to check its ID.

We find it right there on the web of the rail. Plain as day.

It's name. The month and year it was rolled. Then we have confidence those are the scars of time and further proof of age.