Rail Yard Studios | Three Triangles & No Hot Dogs

Triangle Coffee Table prior to assembly at Rail Yard Studios

Sausage making remains a process best not viewed. Furniture making is far less traumatizing.

While we use old world methods in our manufacturing, Rail Yard Studios offers a far more intriguing environment than the turn of the century meatpacking plants of NY or Chicago.


One of our more popular styles in the collection is the Triangle Coffee Table. Seen in its finished form, it is a as popular as a hot dog at a Fourth of July picnic. 

We won't ask how the hot dog got there, but here's you glimpse of our sausage making - um Triangle making - process.

Here you can see how we stain the interior faces prior to assembly since they will be less accessible once they are put together.

These three tables are various species of hickory and oak done up in a golden, red mahogany and provincial finish - a different flavor for every taste. 

It's not exactly sausage, and it's much easier to see it in the making than it is that hot dog.