rail yard studios | exploded view

Are we the only ones who find those exploded views of cars and other things so fascinating?

Double Track Table in Process at Rail Yard Studios

You know the ones where you can see all of the part in a piece of machinery. If you've ever looked for a replacement part for a vacuum, a power tool or just about anything, these little drawings are pretty classic. They demonstrate exactly how things come apart and go back together. 

And then there are those diagrams that are cutaways, where they slice things so you can see the cross section. Pretty common in engineering plans or in medicine when they do one of those slice by slice brain scans.

Double Track Table Exploded from Rail Yard Studios

That got us thinking, hmmm, what if we applied that concept to one of our designs? 

Well, we're not quite yet finished, but this seems like an interesting idea.

Then again, it may just be the fact that it's an exploded view, and the very concept of an explosion just sounds so cool, yet so nefarious.

Stay tuned for the explosion.