Montreal Part 1 - Scope

They called from north of the US border in January. We shivered. Temperatures in Nashville stayed as low as in Montreal, Canada - colder on many days. 

We'd shipped all over the world, but this was going to be our largest project outside of the US. 

Nashville to Montreal - Rail Yard Studios

"How large can you build?"

"The railroad runs from New York to Los Angeles. If you need to go bigger than that, we may still be able to help you." was our cheeky answer.

"Can you get it to Montreal?" was the equally cheeky reply that established this was going to be a fun project.

The centerpiece of the project was to be a 14-foot by 15-foot board room table. 

US Railroads in 1890 from Rail Yard Studios

Ultimately it would take a 53-foot long tractor trailer to move everything and a memorable border crossing story. 

That's how the story begins. As we write it today, we've shipped out and head out to do the installation next week. Over the next few days, we'll walk you through what it took to get there. We hope you enjoy seeing the process.

And goodness, we hope it's not cold when we get to Canada.