rail yard studios | thinking things through

Artisans at Work in the Shop at Rail Yard Studios

Today was a thinking day, and a get it done kind of day. We had lots of hands and heads in the shop. We had the railroad crew - Buddy, Bobby, Anthony and Dee. And we had Pop and Chris who are usually in the studio on Thursday as well as Rick and Reeves who were there part of the day.

We got a lot done.

We had a lot to do. 

And we still have more to do.

Capturing the Details of the Build at Rail Yard Studios

Everyone had their thinking caps on (those are the hats with the Rail Yard Studios logo on them) since there remained a handful of small items to work through with a larger project. Let me tell you, getting eight pieces of glass to align is no small feat, but we planned well and the planning paid off.

We spent a lot of time getting the layout just right and then making our notes for installation so we could be sure we had thought everything through.

We've been thinking so hard that my head hurts. But it was just that kind of day.

A good kind of day.