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Converging Lines Scale Model from Rail Yard Studios

Building scale models or miniatures has always been popular among model railroaders, architects and designers. For furniture, it’s a quick way to get a feel for proportions and aesthetics. Quick was the operative word for this project in Montreal.

Converging Lines Scale Model from Rail Yard Studios

We had a tight deadline– 8 weeks to design, get approval, build, ship and assemble a custom-designed 15-foot square board room table (that’s 225 square feet – bigger than a bedroom in many houses!) – oh, and it needed a matching credenza 15 feet long, too.

Miniature Railroad Steel from Rail Yard Studios

When presenting a design to a group of decision-makers, it’s safe to assume that not everyone can take a 2-dimensional drawing or sketch and visualize it easily. Miniatures offer an effective means to communicate the concept to a broader audience.

That’s critical in design because it allows the group to move forward collectively at the same pace instead of leaving some folks struggling to understand the concept.

One of the last things you want to hear from a client at installation is, “That’s not exactly what I had in mind.” 

Scale models are one of the most effective ways to avoid that awkward moment. They are also a way to speed a project along at a more rapid rate. They give the client a more tangible sense of what they are getting and begin to evoke the excitement that will culminate in the installation of the piece.