rail yard studios | montreal - final design

Converging Lines Conference Table from Rail Yard Studios for Stella-Jones

We may call it a final design, but there always remain countless small details to work out. Color choices, location of low voltage ports, exact location of the low voltage in the floor, and many many more finer points, but the overall look and feel gets finalized at this stage.

Leg detail on Converging Lines Conference Table from Rail Yard Studios

For such a large conference table, the original thought was that the entire top would be glass so that the structure beneath was visible - a very flattering nod to the appreciation of our designs. The credenza needed to complement the style of the conference table, but not repeat it.

Converging Lines Credenza from Rail Yard Studios

Then we started asking questions like how the conference table would get cleaned with the center of the table being 7 feet away from the closest side (my arms are not that long).

We decided that an open center would serve the build better. And in the end, it proved to be a very fortuitous alteration that would ease the leveling of the 8 glass panels that would ultimately grace the top of the conference table.

So we had our final design...for now...and we had a name for the board room pieces - Converging Lines Conference Table and Converging Lines Credenza and we were only 7-10 days into our 8 week project timeline.