rail yard studios | montreal - fresh cuts

It feels like real progress in the shop when the cuts get made. Kind of like getting your plane ticket booked feels like the start of a trip like this one that would take us to Montreal, Canada.

Freshly Cut Legs for the Converging Lines Conference Table from Rail Yard Studios

The various forms that will be used in a work start to come into focus and things get tangible. Now it's possible to see how things are going to come together.

Rough Cut Legs for Converging Lines Conference Table from Rail Yard Studios

A great deal of work still exists - fine sanding, construction, staining, finishing, assembling, adjusting, shipping, installation - but real progress can be seen and felt.

On a project this size, you build a little over. In this case, we crafted a couple of extra legs just in case something didn't work out as planned. Sometimes we need them, usually we don't, but on a tight deadline like this, there was no time for a redo.

We're on our way!