rail yard studios | making repairs

Chris Carter at the Wheel of the Horizontal Bandsaw Repairs at Rail Yard Studios

A minor adjustment was all that was required. It took merely an hour to figure out exactly how to tweak the 1950's era horizontal bandsaw in order to get it to perform.

The machine is old, but new to us, and we've run it successfully for several weeks now.

And then suddenly, as might be expected from a 60 year old piece of machinery, it stopped functioning. The blade popped off.

We tensioned it tighter. It came off faster.

We tensioned it less, It came off slower, but still it came off. 

Adjusting the Horizontal Bandsaw at Rail Yard Studios

We tried adjusting everything on the machine that it could possibly be, except for those four bolts on the back of the housing - the ones that we would discover will adjust the tracking for the wheel - aha.

That did it. Problem solved.

Just a minor adjustment - an hour long foray into the wonders of industrial machinery from over a half century ago. Now it's ready to run another half century.