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Converging Lines Credenza Scale Model from Rail Yard Studios

Fortunately we're pretty good at rerouting - unlike massive diesel engines rolling down the track which pretty much suck at the whole concept of being "detoured."

Image-1 (2).jpg

The call came in that our client in Montreal wanted to go a slightly different direction on the custom-designed Credenza made to match the Conference Table a mere 6 feet away from one another.

We held our collective breath.

Change can be good, but when you're already into the build on a short time line, it makes everyone a bit nervous.

Fortunately, the suggested change was an amazing one. We wound up with a piece that would be much more exciting, complement the main piece beautifully, and in a nice twist of luck - was not going to take us longer to pull off.

So we hit the rerouting option and whipped together a revised scale model for approval.

They loved it.

We loved it.

We were back on track for Montreal with little more lost time than that of a phone call and a couple of hours tweaking a scale model.