rail yard studios | montreal - rail prep

Railroaders at work in the shop at Rail Yard Studios

Freshly harvested rail holds the promise of surprise beneath the layers of grit and rust from a century of use. 

We're searching for those pieces rich in character to send on to their next point of service in Montreal, Canada.

We want to find those sections that are curve worn and canted hard to one side. 

Freshly cleaned rail for the next project at Rail Yard Studios

We get a thrill finding deep notches in the base where a spike has worn away the steel with time.

But the brands are the sweetest part of the discovery. Finding those dates going back to 1899 or 1902 gives us a thrill. Brushing away the dirt to discover the foundry names of Carnegie, Tennessee, Maryland, Krupp and more is the equivalent of an archeological dig.

Each new section of rail is a fresh adventure. It rewards us with its quick historical retrospective, while we reward it with a new service life - this time in Canada.