rail yard studios | montreal - packing up

Packed for Shipping from Rail Yard Studios

Our suitcase for the trip to Montreal was a 53-foot long tractor trailer - enough to carry even the most over-prepared traveler - unless you are a moving a small railroad like we are.

It's when you start to pack that the anticipation kicks into high gear.

What do we really need?

How do we get it all to fit?

acked to Travel - Finished Product from Rail Yard Studios

Did we forget anything?

With 424 square feet of floor space, there were no excuses if anything got left behind.

So we planned. We overplanned.

And it fit.

Now we're going to want a 53 foot long trailer for a suitcase any time we go on a trip. We will never hear the end of this from our wives as much as we have complained about their luggage in the past.