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Bottle Cap Designs - TBT before Rail Yard Studios

This goes back a ways. To when our founder was fresh out of undergrad at Auburn University and working overseas as an intern in Germany for busse design ulm. 

One of the first professional design challenges founder Robert Hendrick was ever presented with was one that seemed quite trivial - redesign a bottle cap for a client.

Sketches for bottle cap designs - early designs from the minds at Rail Yard Studios

How do you redesign a bottle top?

You sketch - a lot. and then you sketch more. And you keep on sketching for days on end. 

Your initial reaction is probably much like Robert's was - after the first idea or two, you wondered what the heck else could be done.

These are only a few of the initial concepts. The first few ideas came tough. The next few even tougher. And then the floodgates opened up.

The same thing happened with the designs for Rail Yard Studios. An initial 2-3 designs seemed to bring the project to an end. After another burst of creativity came 3-5 more. 

And then the dam broke. Ideas came in like a flood, and they just keep coming.

History repeats itself - every day.