rail yard studios | tweaking

Crated Sleepers Coffee Table from Rail Yard Studios

We just keep tweaking things to make them better (not twerking, that doesn't make anything better).

Shipping our work was something we had to learn a lot about when we started. We just didn't have a really good answer ready for that first piece that we shipped.

But we learned quickly, and it's been a continual educational experience accompanied by a long series of incremental improvements. 

Crated Product Ready to Ship from Rail Yard Studios

We keep refining things. Our shipping companies have ahem...refined things with their forklifts, too, but we all learned from that.

The packaging varies depending on the destination and the contents, but our larger items typically go in our custom crates.

Coffee tables and desks arrive well-protected and accompanied by a box filled with goodies. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, assembly instructions, two pairs of branded Rail Yard Studios leather gloves (the only tool you need to assemble our work), a folding ruler in case you need to measure and some other Rail Yard Studios stuff.

It shows up accompanied by a couple of stout individuals who set up and install your new conversation piece and carry off all of the packing material.

Now for those of you looking for twerking, you can move along now.