departing chestnut - exciting move in nashville\ rail yard studios

Robert and Rob Cleaning Up the original space at Rail Yard Studios

Thursday July 16th marks the end of an era at Rail Yard Studios, and the beginning of another. 

Ferf on the job at Rail Yard studios

We decided to move to a new home, and that means it's time to depart the Chestnut Studio that has been our home for 4 years. 

This place is filled with lots of great memories of things we've built and people we've gotten to know. We tossed in some throwback pictures from the work party we had when we cleaned up the space to move in.

Speaking of parties, we thought we'd pull together a farewell gathering at the old place. 

Pop enjoying the new old space at Rail Yard Studios

We've got the party scheduled for Thursday July 16th, and you know how trains are - you should be there on time because you never know when the next one is coming.

If you've always wished for a piece of Rail Yard Studios furniture, we'll have some special insider opportunities for folks who show up - and we might even give away a few things. 

More details are coming, but for now, mark July 16 as a date you want to be at Rail Yard Studios for our Departing Chestnut Event.