Got to meet and hang out with a fantastic

Got to meet and hang out with a fantastic guy this week - Marco Arment - co-founder of tumblr (yes, THAT tumblr) and founder of Instapaper. If you have not seen Instapaper, leave this right now and go check it out, then come back. He even had some kind words for us on his blog and we are deeply appreciative.

We were delivering a custom-made Triangle Coffee Table to Marco, date-nailed with the day of his wedding anniversary. Even got to meet his wonderful wife Tiffany and their guard dog Hops.

And as you can tell, we made ourselves right at home, opening up the fridge and sifting through the collection of artisan beers - its a passion that Marco and Rob Humphreys share.

So a big shout out to Marco. We loved getting to meet with him and were thrilled to have the chance to build him such a meaningful piece.