Rail Yard Studios | Hickory Smoking and Grilling Kit

Hickory Smoking Plank from Rail Yard Studios

Just for the holidays, we created our hickory smoking and grilling kits. One style contains a 1" thick plank of genuine hickory crosstie and some thin slices of hickory. The other style contains blocks of cut hickory perfect for smoking on a charcoal grill.

Cut from our stash of untreated crossties, all of our timbers are natural and free of creosote. They are 100% safe for your home - even for cooking!

These kits have been made from drops (excess material) generated during the process of creating our work. So they are sustainable AND tasty.

But you can't order one.

What?!?!? So how do you get one?

So glad you asked. There are three ways to come by them honestly.

1. Order something from our main web site between now and New Year 2015, and we will include one in your shipment.

2. If you live in Nashville, you can invite us to your holiday party, and if one of our guys - Robert Hendrick, Rob Humphreys, Rick Turner or Jim "Pop" Hendrick can attend, we will bring one as a host/hostess gift.

3. If you catch one of us at a holiday party, we will do our very best to be sure that we have at least one extra with us. Be the first person at the party to come up and tell us you read about the hickory smoking kit and that you'd like one, and we'll send it home with you.

And we checked in with our friend Page Thompson with the Charcoal Cowboys for some tips that we included in the package. 

If you want more info on grilling with hickory, check out The Grilling Spot for additional tips.