Rail Yard Studios | Knots

Why do they call something that mars perfection a beauty mark? Marilyn Monroe was famous for hers. Many other personalities have faked it.

It’s that one little imperfection that draws the eye. It’s the defining and unique characteristic that our brains need in order to distinguish one person from another. Once we identify it, we don’t need to see much more.

The beauty mark distracts from a slightly crooked nose or uneven eyes. The beauty mark endows prettiness by allowing us to look past all the other things we would be otherwise so critical of.

Knots are the beauty mark in wood. We can pull the most dull-grained piece of timber from the pile, but for that one distinctive knot, and we will spend hours in awe of the beauty of that wood, and for lifetimes to come, people will enjoy seeing it in what we create.

It worked for Marilyn Monroe. It works for us.