Louisville & Nashville Credenza

Louisville & Nashville Credenza

OK folks, this is a special one. A beautiful credenza or hall table or console table (call it what you want) with a hickory timber. The wood has some gorgeous bark seams and wane that make it truly striking. Coupled with four sticks of Louisville & Nashville Railroad rail from 1902, this is one of our all-time favorites! 

The Brand reads "L&N RR" HB & HV MAI 1902 70 lbs.

The L&N RR is the railroad line. HB & HV is Hoesch in Germany. MAI is May (auf Deutsch) and 1902 the date with 70 lbs. being the weight per yard of rail.

Now here’s the disclaimer. We proudly say that everything we have is Made in USA, but I have to point out that these rails were made in Germany - granted that was 109 years ago, but we just want to be sure we’re up front that we’re using some non-US origin materials here.

Photo credit: Matt Collins of Collins Imagery