Rail Yard Studios | Makers - Coming Soon

Artisan goods take time -- they tell a story.

Details set them apart but people make them stand for something.

These are their stories.

On Mondays starting next week, we plan to feature other American artisans engaged in small batch manufacturing - the people creating the heirlooms of the next generations.

These “makers” share a common desire to spend time crafting a quality product. Each of them has a personal story behind what drove them, and each can be found at a different stage in the development of their business and the trade they elected to pursue.

While they are often identified with a single product or category, they are typically difficult to define. They create foods, clothing, furniture, leather goods, and sporting goods just for starters.

And while they can be found throughout the country, there are concentrations of them in places like Portland, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, and New York. Scattered among small towns throughout the country, these Makers are hard working and honest folks dedicated to their craft.

Look for the series on Makers brought to you by Rail Yard Studios starting Monday November 10, 2014.