Rail Yard Studios | Maker Monday | Mitchel Bat Company

A fellow Nashville-based maker, Jeremy Mitchell founded Mitchell Bat Company in 2013 and recently celebrated closing out his first year rookie season. Since launching in late 2013, Mitchell Bat Co has received attention from ESPN, Martha Stewart, Bonobos, Cool Material, Selectism, and many more. Their bats are now for sale in Ralph Lauren's Flagship store in Manhattan.

Jeremy came to us through friends when he needed a spot to do some of his work, and we were able to lend him a hand as he got into the swing of things with Mitchell Bat Company. He has always had a passion for baseball, and it was while watching some of the big league playoffs that the idea came to him. He put together some sketches and sold his first few bats off of the drawings before he even had finished product - just like all good entrepreneurs. The next thing you know, he was off and running.

His designs are a classic take on the pinstripe leagues of yesteryear. It's a simple, yet elegant concept that has been very successful. Like all good makers, the simplicity of the design makes it look easy to the armchair analyst, but if it was really that easy, we'd all be pro players.

Jeremy has gone from the minor leagues to the majors in pretty short order. Keep an eye out for him as things grow.