rail yard studios | montreal - selecting steel

Carnegie Steel from Rail Yard Studios

Selecting the rail stands as one of our favorite parts of a build. It's like going on an archeological dig and uncovering a small amount of history every time.

For this one, we pulled a pretty special selection of rail. The CARNEGIE STEEL CO LTD brand from July of 1896 stands out as one of the most interesting.

Collection of Railroad Rail for Montreal Project from Rail Yard Studios

Deciphering the cryptic inscriptions just a bit further, we know that it was fabricated at the Edgar Tompson Works in Pittsburgh, PA - just one of a handful of foundries once owned by the railroad tycoon Andrew Carnegie.

7 Tic Marks and 96 Means Manufactured in July 1896 from Rail Yard Studios

Already, we can tell some of it was in a curve from the way it is worn. And we know that the ends where the two holes are punched for joint bars are more heavily battered and work-hardened than sections a few inches removed from the end.

We've learned a lot already, but as we begin to brush away the dust and debris, we'll discover much more about the details of the service life of this artifact from the Industrial Age.