troy duff guest artisan creates a fantastic graffiti top | rail yard studios

Troy Duff working a graffiti table top at Rail Yard Studios

Pushing the limits comes natural around the railroad.

Color by Troy Duff at Rail Yard Studios

When we wanted to take our graffiti table tops to the next level, we brought in a guest artist to help us go beyond our current boundaries. 

Troy Duff stepped in and brought a bit of Nashville and a bit of west Coast Los Angeles to us. 

Troy is a native of Nashville who moved to the city of angels some time ago for a stab at a creative career in acting and modeling while he honed his other skills. You can see his infamous silhouette on some of the original iPod campaigns - he's the one with the dreadlocks.

He honed his artistic talents out there - in particular his graffiti style. 

Thank you to Rail Yard Studios from Troy Duff

For those in the know, there are different styles of graffiti. Banksy is one of the more famous graffiti artists relying on more of a stencil style with heavy political commentary attached. 

In the U.S. broadly speaking we have west coast and east coast as two of the movements that vary dramatically in their style once you are familiar with them.

Troy brings a highly authentic west coast style with lots and lots of color.

To say he pushes the limit is an understatement equivalent to saying he spray paints things.

Graffiti Table Top Detail by Troy Duff from Rail Yard Studios