Scavenger Hunt at Railway Interchange


We had a bright idea for the show!

At Railway Interchange, we are going to have some fun, and give away one of our retro style lamps complete with authentic century old rail and vintage style!

How to Play:

September 17-19 in the Expo Hall.

Get a card and find all the items on the list (there are three - so it's not too tough, and we're generous with the clues).

Get a stamp at each of the places where you find the item. 

Leave your completed card at the final booth.


Where do we do this?

Rail Yard Studios

  • Booth #4330 at the entrance to the REMSA portion of the show - find that guy to the right and the ping pong table, and you'll have your first stamp!

Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems (ARMS)

  • Booth #2217 

GNB Industrial Power

  • Booth #2247

See you in Indianapolis!