Sleepers Coffee Table with Tennessee 1916 rail

Sleepers Coffee Table with Tennessee 1916 rail

Our work has been categorized as “industrial chic” by some folks, but one look at this coffee table in its new home, and you can see how our work can play in virtually any setting. 

The oak ties have a dark stain to blend with the wood tones of the room, and we’ve topped it with Tennessee 1916 rail - one of which has the punch for joint bars.

Part of what makes doing this so much fun is hearing how kids interact with our work. The granite ballast was an instant hit with the 14-month old daughter in the house. And one of the owner’s older daughters brings her dad a chess board every evening to play a game of chess at this table.

It’s very humbling and gratifying to think that the pieces we are making will be here for generations to come.

Photo credit: Matt Collins of Collins Imagery