Rail Yard Studios | Stability

We mentioned that air-dried wood like we use has distinct advantages over modern-day processed lumber. Here’s a little more background.

Mass production and short time to market constraints make it necessary to kiln-dry lumber. The result not only produces a more brittle stock, but also masks some of the natural twists and contours in the timber. Holding back nature is a losing game. If you've ever seen a wood fence that has begun to bow and twist, you have seen how kiln-dried lumber will revert to its inherent characteristics.

Air-dried stock stabilizes in its inherent nature. That stability lends us the confidence to incorporate such unique features like knots, bark seams, splits and cross-graining into our work.

Those imperfections are something we embrace in our designs and go the extra mileto pull out and incorporate into our work. We have to be certain our timbers have stabilized. The only way to do that is to use air-dried stock.