Culled Charcuterie Board

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We crafted our Culled Charcuterie Board to go from the kitchen to the dining table. Crafted from hardwood timber, we prepare it to be food-safe for presenting a collection of breads, cheeses and cured meats. Each one is unique in size, color and character due to the nature of the materials we use. 

Made from creosote-free crosstie material, we source wood designated as seconds, or “culls” as they are known in the industry. Culled crosstie timbers possess imperfections that make them less than ideal for heavy railroad use. As a result, the lumber remains untreated virgin wood making it safe for use in our products.

While we could make these charcuterie boards more perfect, we would waste a tremendous amount of material getting to pristine stock. So rather than hide any flaws, we lean into that natural character and incorporate it into our boards to give each one its own unique artisan look and feel.


  • The final sizes of the board vary (see dimensions below)
  • We have some smooth edge and some with rough edge. If you have a preference, please let us know.
  • We do not recommend these for use with raw meats.

The bulk of the wood is locally sourced North American hardwood like that used in the making our furniture. As we create, we wind up with drops – cut offs and pieces too small for other purposes. As part of our commitment to being as close to zero waste as possible, we use these drops in our charcuterie boards.

We reclaim the red mahogany accent wood in the center strip from the decking of decommissioned steel coil railcars.

The metal number on the piece is an authentic railroad date nail scavenged from old tracks. From 1901 up until the early 1970s, most ties were marked with the year of manufacture using these types of nails. Since every piece we make is unique and hand crafted, we use those date nails to individually number and catalog our work.

Dimensions Vary:

12-16 inches long

9-10 inches wide

Approximately 1.5 inches height

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