Calligraffiti - Red Tone on Tone

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Well-known Nashville graffiti artist Troy Duff created a new style of graffiti. It draws on his classic letter forms in a look that interior designs and graffiti-connoisseurs alike will appreciate.

Calling it “calligraffiti” the style uses the forms found in his wild style lettering – an art form he learned growing up in Nashville and while living in Los Angeles. It’s part calligraphy and part graffiti, just as it’s equally Cali and Nashvegas.

An original tone-on-tone composition, this piece is executed on a section of reclaimed red Conrail boxcar. The natural finish of the rusted and weathered steel canvas provide a texture to this piece that make it an excellent addition in the office or home of a serious collector of fine modern art.

Signed on the back, this original piece comes with special industrial style mounting brackets that securely attach the artwork to any structurally sound wall.

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