Ladder Rung Railcar Coffee Table

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Reclaimed steel and wood from railcars become modern decor combined with historic preservation in this industrial style table. It's the perfect size for an office lobby or the living area in a home. The design fits that urban renewal space looking for authentic artifacts that become conversation starters in the room.

We created the Ladder Rung Coffee Table from the basic elements of a decommissioned coal hopper capturing the very essence of the freight railroad.

To craft the base, we hand-selected unique structural elements from a old open gondola. We preserved the ladder sections off one end and reimagined them as the base for the Ladder Rung Coffee Table.

We cleaned and sealed the original materials retaining the character evident in the distress from decades of service. Portions remain where the steel had once rusted to show signs of patchy decay and other wear from decades of service.

A 2-inch thick mahogany top made from reclaimed railcar decking provides the top, and we seal it with a coal black finish before banding in with a thick steel edge binding.

The heavy-duty construction lends itself to use as a table or as a bench.

Size: 58" x 26" x 18" (LxWxH)

Materials: Steel and wood

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