Switchpoint Coffee Table & Bench

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Perfect as an oversized bench for public spaces like a museum aor an office lobby, it's at home as an oversized coffee table, too. Versatile and stout, this furniture will last generations carrying forward its deep rich history. 

These materials moved serious freight! The hard maple surface atop the solid oak timber and vintage steel legs all connect with a rich history of railroading.

The tabletop (or seat if you use it as a bench) originally served as the flooring of a boxcar. We've reclaimed and polished it down to a smooth refined finish.

The steel rails date back to the turn of the previous century with the brands and dates to prove it. We retained the distress in the naturally dark patina and deep weathering from years of service

The heavy timber legs crafted from authentic railroad crosstie stock remain as always creosote-free. Hand-selected from our stock of culled crossties - massive wood beams that come up shy of the standard for transporting railcars, but perfect for building a table you can jump on.

This table (or bench if you so choose) rounds out our Switchpoint collection. Other furniture in that series includes our Switchpoint Desk and Switchpoint Credenza or console table. We've even custom built a conference table or two in this style.

Each piece we craft has its own individual features and characteristics and has a unique story to tell - all captured in the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

72" x 24" x 20" (LDH)

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