Raceland Hopper H-48 Desk

Project Boxcar Series

NYC 627519 & CSXT 823039

Please note: We offer this as an exclusive opportunity. As such, this piece is only through private offering.

Crafted from sections of a coal car and a steel coil car, this piece represents the ultimate conversation piece for the luxury executive office. Preserved in its authentic distressed state, the Raceland Hopper $-48 Desk captures the very essence of the railroad.

Each piece we craft is individually unique - even moreso with the pieces from our Project Boxcar series. 

  • Oversized Desk: 76" x 30" x 30" (WxDxH)
  • Mahogany desktop (solid 2" thick)
  • Hand-finished reclaimed wood
  • Steel base from coal hopper
  • 5-drawer cabinetry
  • $9,995 (includes shipping & assembly to most of the continental U.S.*)


We crafted the wooden desktop from the mahogany wood decking of a retired New York Central steel coil car. Starting with 2-1/2" thick tongue in groove mahogany boards, we hand select our wood and construct the desktop. Then we sand flat to a fine finish resulting in a 2" thick top before hand-applying a tongue-oil finish that makes the grain of the rare hardwood shimmer. 


We created the base from a single section of a retired CSX coal hopper, a Raceland Hopper H-48 manufactured in 1971 that gives the desk its name. We preserved the original LD LMT and LT WT markings as well as the information card pocket to attest to the provenance of the materials. The long history of this rolling stock is evident in the distress from decades of service. After cleaning the years of accumulated grit and dirt, we coat the surfaces with environmentally friendly sealers.


We identified this desk with a 48 date nail scavenged from an abandoned railbed to connect it with the Raceland Hopper model number and attached a stainless steel tag with the original identification numbers of the source cars to both the desktop and the base. The desk is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that details the known story of the artifacts and is signed by Rail Yard Studios Founder Robert Hendrick.


50% deposit to secure the piece. Balance due at time of shipping. If client is unable to receive the piece immediately, Rail Yard Studios will store the piece for up to 90 days. Deposits are non-refundable but may be credited toward the purchase of other items in the event that client does not take delivery of the original piece.

Visit us: Nashville, Tennessee at 57 Willow Street

Call Robert directly at 615-969-3333 with any questions.

Proudly Made in the USA.

unfinished Sanded mahogany desktop being prepped for finish

unfinished Sanded mahogany desktop being prepped for finish

The original csxt 823039 coal car showing the section from which we crafted the desk base.

The original csxt 823039 coal car showing the section from which we crafted the desk base.