jim mcintyre

Stop by our showroom and studio here in Nashville, and see what we have been working on.  Our showroom is in front of our design studio/production area and features two stories of "ready to go" items that we can deliver to you now.  Of course many other items are crated and ready to sell  and we remember we can make any item to order for you as well.  Stop in and get a sense of what and who we are.  Open 9am-4pm Monday - Friday and by appointment evenings and weekends.  You are always welcome.  

Questions?  Give me a call or email anytime.  I am happy to help you by phone or in person.

Jim McIntyre

We have the following items on hand in our showroom -  sorted by their location - so please check them out and then come on over.

Upstairs Showroom

Upstairs Conference

Upstairs Bedroom

Upstairs Office

Warehouse & Studio Floor

Warehouse Floor

Warehouse Office

Downstairs Main Showroom

Downstairs Entryway

Downstairs Conference Room

Downstairs Jim's Office

Downstairs Living Room

Downstairs Roberts Office

Decor & Art

Our Decor and art pieces are place throughout our show room and their locations may change.  This is what we currently have on hand.