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Skulls… ICH sees skulls in so many different places. It’s something akin to #pareidolia, but not quite the same thing. You see it in the skull imagery throughout his body of work. You see it on whole car masterpieces and as a streak, but this piece sits squarely in between those two genres of freight writing. 

We set this panel aside for the legend to work with because we knew it held something special. The large “49” of the reporting marks stand out. The remnants of the LOAD LIMIT designation for the car– the 95200 number remains also difficult to ignore.

But what caught the notorious vandal’s eye was the heavily distressed DO NOT HUMP notice.

ICH immediately saw a shattered skull in the negative space created by the peeling sticker. He gravitated toward that section of rusted steel from the word go.

The panel sat around here for the length of his brief residency with us in 2021. He saved up his creative energy and considered all of his options to bring what he sees to be what others would see.

He wanted to nail the execution, and oh boy, did he.

ICH even created a piece we call “Test Strip” to prove out some techniques before launching into this one.

The shattered skull, the exploded pieces and the subtlety of the rusted spike speak to his talents beyond the usual skull and ICH known by fans familiar with his work.

How Do We Work with Graffiti Artists?

We “harvest” original pieces of graffiti from railcars as they are retired. Ultimately those pieces will become a part of a museum we are slowly working toward. 

For the works available for sale through Rail Yard Studios, we collaborate with graffiti artists to produce original works. We tend toward “harvested” artists.

As interesting pieces of railcar scrap pass through our hands, we create steel canvases from them. We determine a means to mount them, and we present them to the artist. They take that canvas and bring their vision to it to create what they see.


Size: 30" x 22" x 3" (HxWxD)

Media: Oil bar on steel

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