ICHABOD C-Skull Graffiti


Freight graffiti artist ICHABOD (aka ICH!) is well-known for skull and skeleton images that often accompany his moniker. A prolific vandal of trains with 5,000 railcars bearing his mark, this mysterious figure of the railroad is as elusive as the famous street artist Banksy.

ICH holds a revered place in the #fr8 graffiti community. With a career spanning over 20 years, he has developed exceptional techniques and paired with a clean and simple style, he has built a readily identifiable brand.

Spray-painted on industrial style steel canvases from salvaged sections of authentic boxcars and hoppers, he crafted these pieces during a brief residency at our studio.

A fan of the classic Rust-O cans, ICHABOD incorporated the familiar hi-viz yellow logo from a CSX railcar coal hopper. The cracks in the center of the skull incorporate the existing distress in the panel in the composition.

Signed on the back in his inimitable handstyle, this original piece comes with special industrial style mounting brackets that securely attach the artwork to any structurally sound wall.


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