ICHABOD - Seaglass

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ICHABOD develops a love affair with certain colors, and this piece captures one of his latest passions. Part of the Rust-oleum American Accents collection, the Sea Glass color ranks as a favorite of the rail god legend. Prized among graffiti artists for its color consistency and longevity in how the paint holds up, ICH scored a load of it at one point. You may spot that particular color in some of his more recent works out on the freight lines.

The narrow slice of an ICHABOD skull with just a few vertebrae showing captures the classic element so popular in his freight pieces. Like white media on a dark canvas, he uses the heavier spray of white for highlighted areas and allows the dark background to show through to achieve a sense of depth in the work.

Executed on a section of railcar hopper, ICHABOD selected the rusty textured back side of the panel for this composition. The original bolts attaching the top hat to the panel remain intact, lending clear proof to the authentic railroad heritage of the materials.

Signed ICHABOD 2021 in his inimitable hand style on the reverse, with this piece, you get a little added bonus. He set aside the can of Sea Glass used for this one and signed the bottom ICHABOD 5/2021 as well to mark the date he created it.

This piece free stands on its own or can be mounted to the wall with a heavy duty hook available by request.

Size: 32" x 12" x 5.5" (HxWxD)

Media: Rust-oleum spray paint on steel

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