Double Track Coffee Table (No. 24)

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Crafted with distinction, the Double Track artisan coffee table holds an honored spot in the our original collection of curated furnishings. The heavily charactered oak timber represents a hallmark of refinement in homes and corporate settings, and it's equally prized as a fundamental choice for railway timber.

The timber retains its original allure and character, untainted by creosote, and adorned with a coat of transparent, eco-friendly oil.

Our approach is one of discerning selection, utilizing "culls" or imperfect timbers culled during the tie plant's treatment process. This enables our tables to possess a dual nature, with one side embracing natural imperfections and the other presenting the illusion of flawless timber. This commitment harmonizes with our unwavering pledge to source materials sustainably for our furniture creations.

The timeless design of Double Track serves as an ideal canvas to showcase the innate allure of the wood, complete with all its unique attributes.

Speaking of Double Track, the very term denotes the railway sections graced with two parallel lines. A configuration found in both urban and rural environs, it facilitates trains moving in opposing directions and enhances traffic flow in a single direction.

The rich, dark patina on the steel rails bears witness to the enduring lifespan and formidable challenges borne by these foundational materials.

This piece seamlessly complements residential spaces, infusing dens and open living areas with a touch of sophistication. In professional domains, it introduces an element of industrial elegance to entryways and lobbies.

Dimensions: 54" x 24" x 18" (LWH)

Color: Whiskey 

Materials: Steel, wood and glass

Made in the USA


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