The Story of Railyard Studios Custom Shop

Reclaimed hardwood and steel allows us to create unique and exciting products, and more importantly contribute to keeping Nashville a greener, better place to work and live. We are artisans, but we are also hard working railroaders.

We’ve sweat on the tracks with a shovel in our hands and the sound of a spiking hammer ringing in our ears. We take pride in our work. And it is with pride that we pass it from our hands to yours.
— Robert Hendrick - Master Designer, Owner

The history of Rail Yard Studios in their own words.  followed by a good friend performing in the studio - captured live.  Features Brooke Waggoner, an incredible piano player (and band member of Jack White) and Railyard Studios, a trio of designers making original pieces of furniture with early 20th century railroad ties and rails.

Our People Have A Story - The Creators Of Rail Yard Studios

from left:   rick turner , rob humphreys, "pop's" hendrick,  robert hendricks


Robert founded Rail Yard Studios and designs the company's creations. He began the effort out of a need to round out the cyclical nature of the railroad contracting business he owned. 

As a serial entrepreneur, he fosters a passion for early stage product-driven companies. His professional credits include tech and healthcare IT ventures like EdgeNet Media, change:healthcare and Care Technology Systems. 

He holds a BA in Industrial Design from Auburn University, and an MFA in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University.


Rob Humphreys is a serial entrepreneur, cyclist, craft brewer, daddy, and lover of all things railroad.  Rob works with clients to help them achieve their vision, whether it be a custom conference room or a statement coffee table.


Raised a Nashville native, Rick Turner studied Building Science at Auburn University.  Rick joined Rail Yard Studios in 2012 and serves as owner and helps manage the shop.


As elder statesman, 'Pop' Hendrick can be found in the shop making sure the younger craftsmen get it right.  Pop oversees techniques and helps make products to the highest quality standards.


Chris Carter cutting timbers - click to enlarfe

Master Craftsman Chris Carter leads much of the shop work.  As a blacksmith and an accomplished welder, he brings some amazing skills and a strong affinity for the working with metal.  In addition, he is an expert craftsman who has already inspired fresh approaches with eye-catching results.
His contributions include a new finishing technique that scorches the wood. After researching the history on a fiery train wreck in Sydney Australia, he dubbed it the Sydney Ghost Finish .  Check it out his skills and visit our blog for a more in depth look.

Images of Our Rail Yard Crew Members Over the Years.