Color in repurposed materials is a relative term. They range from a light golden hue to a pitch black ebony with a natural range of whiskey or cognac colors in between.


We have an exclusive collection of low-VOC stains and natural oils that we use. The results from any one stain may vary dramatically in different species. For that reason, we’ve taken to our own custom made color system.

Here are some examples of our more popular colors:



Our most popular color, the rich browns, and dark highlights distinguish this modern interpretation of classic wood stains. The finish creates an even tone across the timber with dark accents on more complex features like knots, bark seams and the original banding from the sawmill.



Coal is our version of ebony that captures the authentic deep black look and feel of a fresh crosstie. All of our wood timbers are naturally creosote-free, so it’s this color that gets closest to what you see out on the tracks.



Reminiscent of the color from one of Napa Valley’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon vintages. The deep reddish-brown hue on the timber adds a distinctive flavor to our pieces of furniture.



The color of wood varies dramatically, so while it tends toward lighter colors, the end result depends largely on the color of the tie at the start. Oak typically results in a lighter version of our whiskey stain while hickory goes from yellow gold to deep chocolate or even black.

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