Railroad Jewelry

Railroad Jewelry

Yes, we call this work.

Not our everyday gig for sure, but we do try new things from time to time that takes us away from the routine.

Our jewelry line is a prime example of that. 

Each of these spikes has a story to tell.

The Big Head Pendants are crafted from hammered hardened steel, with a rich patina from decades of exposure to the rain, heat and cold.

Railroad Jewelry - Big Head Pendant

We select the most interesting, then drill and cut them to a perfect pendant size before we polish them. This leaves them with a raw untreated look to allow their perfectly aged finish to shine through.

Railroad Jewelry - Big Head Pendant side

Complemented by a soft leather cord, the steel is as strong as it feels.

No one spike head turns out quite like another. In turn, each one is as individual and unique as it wearer.

The heads of these spikes were hammered in on a rail line in Tennessee and Kentucky, and then left there to age for decades.

Unprotected from the elements, they each developed a rich, deep patina.

We capture the results of that hard-earned look and loop it on a strand of leather. The knots allow the necklace to adjust easily to any length and come in several different colors.

Check out us getting in touch with our more delicate side.