Starting Small - Scale Models of Our Designs

Starting Small - Scale Models of Our Designs

Traveling with our product to shows and events around the country can be a bit of a challenge. For goodness sake, our work is not exactly small.

So we take lots of pictures. But even that can gloss over some of the details.

So scale models and railroading go hand in hand, we decided to give modeling our own little twist.

We use our scale models to convey new ideas on custom projects. Typically, we're familiar enough with our materials that we often just lay the project out and then jump right into the build, but not always, and it can be a bit much for some folks to take it all in.

Sometimes, we need to be able to convey a concept, and a drawing just doesn't quite capture the spirit of what we're trying to project.

So we'll build a scale model.

scale ping pong

The models help speed the process along. We'll learn a few things we should be taking into account. Our clients can get a sense of what goes on in our heads (...and that can be a really scary place).

As for these, well, we're getting ready for some meetings around the country in the next few months, so we decided to take several of our more popular designs and craft miniature versions.

These should fit in the overhead bin nicely.