Stretching Our Thinking - New Designs

Stretching Our Thinking - New Designs

Some designs take longer to get to than others. Then one is a bit of a vintage concept from 2014 that has been hanging around for the better part of a year. The pieces were fashioned for the project around 5 months ago, but with the shop move, the project got back burnered...

...until now.

Amazing craftsman, Chris Carter in our studio, loves getting his hands on the welder, and we love throwing a challenge at him - so we were all pretty excited about this one.

Railroad Weld

This will be a bench using two u-shaped sections for the legs. You can see one section inverted as Chris welds it and a finished side in the other pics.

We took a selection of Carnegie Steel rolled in July of 1896 for one section of Tennessee Coal & Iron Company rail manufactured in March of 1908 for the other.

We'll pair these up with a couple of hickory crosstie timbers, and the result is going to be something special - we can tell already.

Look for the latest creation soon!